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Financial & Asset Audit Services

Information remains the most vital asset in this century. At Ubosi Eleh + Co, we make the provision of timely, accurate and invaluable financial information our top priority, so you and your organisation can take informed business decisions always.

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Financial Services

If you’re seeking financial assistance for property or/and land acquisition, then our financial services would interest you.  Right from the early stages, we render advice on the preparation of your project and in effect ,help you minimise your administrative time, by liaising with the lenders,making presentations to bankers and negotiating terms and conditions, regarding the financial security of the project and the arrangement of draw-down facilities.

Our objective is to arrange a suitable financial package, at the keenest possible terms, the moment it is required.

We minimise the client’s administrative time by liaising with the lenders on the take-up of security and arrangement of draw-down facilities.

Our clients are pleased to find that our approach is in the finest of business traditions.

Property Asset Audit

This is not a valuation, rather, it’s an overall appraisal of the company’s existing portfolio, in order to determine the “health” as well as present and potential usefulness of such assets to the organisation. The objectives will include providing a framework for positively managing your company’s landed property holdings and highlighting the strategic importance of your landed property assets.

The following would be our underlying objectives: Identifying and investigating problems and opportunities concerned with clients’ landed property management strategy,client’s policies, markets and procedures; and formulating recommendations for appropriate action,through factual investigation and analysis.

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