Our services are need-structured and targeted in a way that provides immense benefits to you.

Our Strengths


Our Offices

We have seven offices nationwide. two in Lagos and one in each of these locations:  Abuja, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Enugu and Awka.

These offices ensure that we are near the market and our finger is on the pulse of real estate activities in these areas.

Our offices are fully staffed with highly qualified people from surveyors to support staff.

Each office has all the infrastructure necessary to run efficiently from the latest office equipment to reliable cars so we can get to every client appointment and venue in time.

They are not just nominal offices in name only unlike many firms have.

Because we have this network of offices it reduces the cost of delivery of briefs. It also increases our speed of delivery since travel time is reduced.

Our people

We have the best qualified staff in the industry displaying unquestionable commitment and dedication.

We have over 40 qualified surveyors ready to deliver their professional expertise from our network of offices.

We prioritise staff training which is delivered regularly both inhouse and through external providers.

Our training and ethos ensures that customer service and satisfaction is our watchword. We will go the extra mile to ensure we deliver. Our staff are always willing to help.

Our processes

Our processes with professional assignments are the most stringent in the industry.

All reports must be cleared and signed off by one of the partners.

Each report goes through a stringent cases stage check before it is finally signed off.

Our reports come with clear quality pictures, locational sketches & floor plans.

Delivery time is one of the shortest in the industry without compromising quality

We work for and have worked for all the financial institutions, and governments in Nigeria.

Our valuation reports are relied upon every day to back up the extension of hundreds of millions of Naira every day in Nigerian banks. They also guide major decision makers in the boardrooms of most Nigerian businesses.

Our firm has a recognizable name in the industry. A valuation report from Ubosi Eleh & Co. is above reproach and never questioned in the industry.  It is a recognised brand. A brand that stands for integrity, quality and top-class professional services.

Estate Agency

The Estate Agency arm of the firm consist of two sub-departments – lettings and sales. The Lettings Unit – Assists prospective tenants to source and lease all kinds of properties. It also assists Landlords in letting or sourcing good quality tenants. The Sales Unit – Assists individuals, organizations and corporate bodies in the disposal of or purchase of properties.

Asset Valuation & Advisory Services

Regardless of your sales or investment choices, you need the professional judgement you can trust, behind your eventual decisions and our advisory services are there to help you.

Management Services

We provide an array of property, project and facility management services for our clients wishing to embark on new developments or effectively managing their existing portfolio.

Financial & Asset Audit Services

Information remains the most vital asset in this century. At Ubosi Eleh + Co, we make the provision of timely, accurate and invaluable financial information our top priority, so you and your organisation can take informed business decisions always.

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